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Speedo Recalibrator

Easily correct factory error on your electronic speedometer or inaccuracy caused by sprocket gearing changes.

The Yellow Box is an electronic device that corrects speedo error.  It connects between the original speed sensor and the speedo, and "adjusts" the signal in real time so the error is removed.  The unit is supplied with a wiring harness and easy to follow instructions for installation and set-up.


  • Fully digital microprocessor controlled ratio calculation
  • Instant response, has no speedo lag
  • Eight-switch system gives instant and exact adjustment
  • Unique flashing display system for data and test modes
  • Bike and Car models, now to suit all vehicles
  • Set in solid plastic block for maximum durability
  • Correction range, -28% to +28% in steps of 0.25%
  • Compact size, 2 x 1.1 x 0.9 inches (50x29x23mm)
  • Display MPH on KPH speedo mode, including -10% to +16% correction

Application info

Yellow Box - Bike Model, Item# YLMC, Suits all vehicles with 3-wire (hall effect type) speed sensors:
All Suzuki motorcycles
All Honda motorcycles
All Yamaha motorcycles
All Kawasaki motorcycles
All Triumph motorcycles
All Buell motorcycles
All Aprilia motorcycles
Some Harley motorcycles
Some Honda sports cars

Yellow Box - Car Model, Item# YLCA, Suits all vehicles with 2-wire (inductive coil type) speed sensors:
All BMW motorcycles
Most 4WD vehicles
All Porsche cars
All Toyota cars and 4WDs
Some Honda cars


Item # YLMC          bike model USD $99.95

Item # YLCA           car model USD $99.95

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