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TPX Radar Detection System 2.0 with Main Console

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Designed with the motorcyclist in mind, the TPX Radar and Laser Detection System is water, shock, and vibration resistant. The Main Console features oversized buttons for ease of use with riding gloves. Its large, angled, top-positioned LCD optimizes viewing from all riding positions and is easily viewable in direct sunlight.
The System comes with a brightness adjustable LED Visual Alert and can also be used with the optional TPX Wireless Headset. The Main Console is powered directly from the motorcycles battery with the included Wiring Harness.  Mounting to almost any mount is easily achieved with the included Quick-Release Mount Plate.

The TPX System detects all police radar and laser bands and is certified by Speed Measurement Labs, an independent laboratory considered to be the leader in the field of radar detector testing.  The updated 2.0 model features increased sensitivity and additional modes.

Key Features

  • Exceptional Radar and Laser Detection
  • Ultra bright, adjustable LED Visual Alert
  • Water Resistant Construction
  • Shock and Vibration Resistant Design
  • Oversize, Backlit Control Buttons
  • Angled, Backlit, Daylight Visible LCD
  • Quick Release mounting mechanism
  • Compatible with other Communication or Sound Systems
  • Simple Installation

Included in the System

  • Main Console
  • Visual Alert
  • Wiring Harness
  • Quick-Release Mount Plate with Hardware and Double Sided Adhesive Tape
  • Zip Ties

Mount not included. See our mount  selection page here

TPX System

Item # A-01-01 USD $299.00
Add our Radar Screamer and Adapter Cable to your TPX Adaptiv system for helmet penetrating audio alerts.


TPX Radar Acessories

TPX Wireless Headset

The Wireless Headset alerts the rider of the radar or laser signal detected by the Main Console in a safe and effective manner by providing audio beeps through the earphone.

It is designed to fit most full or open face helmets with its earphone attaching to the ear-pocket or between the linings of the helmet. It is water resistant and is powered by a lithium coin cell battery (included).

(Not compatible with detectors other than TPX.)

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Item # A-02-01 USD $70.00


Radar Screamer Audio Alert

Simply the best way to hear your motorcycle's radar detector warning without the need for uncomfortable earphones or the hassle of helmet wiring.  Works great even while wearing your earplugs!


  • Allows maximum freedom, nothing mounted on you or in your helmet
  • Immediate attention getting audio alert
  • Water resistant construction
  • No little batteries to wear out and leave you unprotected
  • Control volume and mute functions without removing your hands from the bars
  • Alert can also benefit your riding buddy if nearby
  • Now available with optional high intensity LED visual alert
  • 1 year warranty

Requires adapter cable when used with TPX console.

  Item # RS2-P USD $99.95


Radar Screamer Adapter Cable for Adaptiv TPX Radar Detector

This adapter cable allows the Radar Screamer RS2-P audio alert to work with the Adaptiv TPX radar detector.  A spare output jack on the cable maintains the ability to use all Adaptiv TPX accessories. Cost of cable refunded when purchased with Radar Screamer and radar detector.

Item # TPX-CBL USD $18.95


TPX Radar Replacement Parts

TPX Visual Alert

The Visual Alert alerts the rider of the radar or laser signal detected in a safe and effective manner by providing flashes with its ultra bright LEDs. The LED intensity is easily adjustable from the Main Console.

The Visual Alert is included with the TPX System, and is only necessary for use on additional bikes or to replace a damaged or lost Visual Alert.

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Item # A-02-02 USD $45.00


TPX Wiring Harness

The TPX Wiring Harness is compatible with TPX Main Console for use on motorcycles.  The Wiring Harness is included with the TPX System, and is only necessary for use on additional bikes, or to replace a damaged or lost harness.
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Item # A-05-01 USD $35.00


TPX Quick Release Mount Plate

The Quick Release Mount Plate provides a sturdy base for the Main Console while allowing for fast removal when necessary. With the included hardware and all weather adhesive tape, it can be easily secured to any mount.

The Quick-Release Mount Plate is included with the TPX System, and is only necessary for use on additional bikes, or to replace a damaged or lost plate.

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Item # A-05-02 USD $18.95


TPX Automotive Kit

The TPX Automotive Kit allows you to use your TPX Main Console in your car, light truck, or SUV. It is designed to be mounted on the dashboard and comes with cigarette lighter adapter cord. No Image

Item # A-05-03 USD $29.00

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