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Radar Screamer Audio Alert

Simply the best way to hear your motorcycle's radar detector warning without the need for uncomfortable earphones or the hassle of helmet wiring.  Works great even while wearing your earplugs!

(not compatible with Passport Max)

  • Allows maximum freedom, nothing mounted on you or in your helmet
  • Immediate attention getting audio alert
  • Water resistant construction
  • No little batteries to wear out and leave you unprotected
  • Unlike other systems, control volume and mute functions without removing your hands from the bars
  • Alert can also benefit your riding buddy if nearby
  • Now available with optional high intensity LED visual alert
  • 1 year warranty

Model RS2-P works with Escort (not compatible with Passport MAX), Adaptiv TPX*,  and Beltronics** radar detectors. 

Model RS2-V works with Valentine detectors eqipped with remote audio adapter accessory #20200 (available from Valentine) to provide the earphone jack needed for Radar Screamer connection. 

Model RS2-S works with Beltronics Sti Driver.

*Adaptiv TPX applications requires our adapter cable TPX-CBL for proper operation of the Radar Screamer.

**Beltronics model Sti Driver requires Radar Screamer model RS2-S.

Item # RS2-P USD $99.95

Item # RS2-V USD $99.95

Item # RS2-S USD $124.95 (for Bel STi Driver)


New Radar Screamer model for Passport Max coming soon, watch this space


Radar Screamer Adapter Cable for Adaptiv TPX Radar Detector

This adapter cable allows the Radar Screamer RS2-P audio alert to work with the Adaptiv TPX radar detector.  A spare output jack on the cable maintains the ability to use all Adaptiv TPX accessories. Cost of cable refunded when purchased with Radar Screamer and radar detector.

Item # TPX-CBL USD $18.95


Radar Screamer Visual Alert Option

Please note: The Visual Alert Option must be used with the Radar Screamer (sold sepertely).

The Radar Screamer is well known for it's distinctive audio alert tones that let the rider know his detector has picked up a radar signal. Now you can add our new visual alert option to your Radar Screamer which can be used by itself or in combination with the standard audio alert.  The visual alert provides added benefits for riders who listen to their mp3 player or to comm devices. Our alert component uses six high intensity red LEDs in a compact weather proof package that is easily visible during daylight hours. 

LED light output can be adjusted to High/Low/Off settings using the Radar Screamer control switch.  A 3 foot cord  is provided and plugs into the Radar Screamer interface module. The LED device can be mounted to your instrument panel with the included adhesive backing.  LED measures approx. 1-1/4" L X 7/8" W X 1/4" Th.  The visual alert is compatible with all Radar Screamers.

  Item # RS-VA USD $34.95



H.A.R.D. is the acronym for Helmet Assisted Radar Detection -

Inside Helmet Visual Alert - The H.A.R.D. system has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available for sale.  We do have a few spares of the transmitter component for Valentine systems for those customers who may need a replacement or would just like to keep one on hand.

HARD system spare parts

Item # HARD-TV is a replacement transmitter for Valentine systems.

Item Discontinued

Item # HARD-TV USD  

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