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This page contains popular replacement parts for various products on our website.

Radar Screamer 3-Way Toggle Switch


Includes 3-Way switch, rubber weather cap, switch bracket and attached wiring with plug.

Item # SWITCH USD $14.95

Beeper for Radar Screamer

Replacement piezo beeper for the Radar Screamer with cable and plug.

Item # BEEP USD $17.95

Radar Screamer Interface Module

If your Radar Screamer is out of warranty and needs repair, here is a replacement interface module.

Interface module model RSIM-V includes the smaller 2.5mm audio plug commonly found in Valentine applications.

Interface module model RSIM-P includes the larger 3.5mm audio plug commonly found in Escort/Passport applications (as shown in above picture).

Module RSIM-S is for the Bel Sti Driver.

Item # RSIM-V USD $49.95

Item # RSIM-P USD $49.95

Item # RSIM-S USD $75.00

Radar Screamer 12V power harness


Includes cable with fuse holder and 2 pin connector for use with Radar Screamer. Push-on splicing connectors also included (not shown)

Item # PH12V USD $16.95

Radar Screamer 2 ft Extension Cable


This is the same extension cable that is included with the Radar Screamer.  Used to extend the wire run to any Radar Screamer component.  Helpful for installation of the Radar Screamer on larger motorcycles.

Item # EXCBL USD $7.95

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