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Powerlet products provide a great solution for motorcycle +12V power distribution needs.  From cell phones to battery charging and from GPS units to heated clothing there is a Powerlet product available.  If you are looking for a specific Powerlet product and do not see it listed on this page please contact us.
On this page you will find the following Powerlet products:
Power Plugs and Sockets

Deluxe Powerlet Plug, PPL-002  - Good for  GPS Units, cell phone adapter cables - the stuff you bring riding.  Includes built in cable clamp (strain relief). NOTE: If replacing an existing cigar or cigarette plug on an existing appliance cord, verify that the cigar plug does not contain a voltage reduction circuit. Please verify this before cutting the cigar plug off your cord. BMW compatible.

Item # PPL-002 USD $10.95

A popular socket. The lid has a spring loaded hinge. T connectors make wiring easy. Comes with a 18mm jam nut for mounting and weatherproof boot.  Note: Not the size of a Cigarette Socket found in your car, this is smaller in size.


Item # PSO-007 USD $23.95

USB Type A to Cigarette Adapter AAC-004

USB Type A to Cigarette Adapter

Solution to convert a cigarette socket to a USB Type A Connector. Input: 12 VDC to 30 VDC, Output: 5V at 800 mA **Note** This unit will not work with Apple products - use AAC-006

Item # AAC-004 USD $17.95

Motorcycle and ATV Powerlet Socket Kits


Multifit Panel Kit,48 inch - PKT-042-48 -Mounts conveniently in front or rear body panel.  Connects directly to the battery.   Includes:   Powerlet socket, water-proof automotive ATO fuseholder, 15 Amp Fuse, and detailed installation instructions.  Can be used for battery charging, heated clothing, portable music systems, bike-to-bike communicators, cell phones, radar detectors, GPS units.  Requires an 11/16' hole drilled in panel.

Item # PKT-042-48 USD $39.95

Sportbike Rearset Kit Type 2, PKT-043 -This kit is designed generically to fit a variety of motorcycles. Includes: machined anodized bracket with 8mm clearance hole for mounting, protective rubber boot, heavy duty 14AWG 105C wiring harness, water-proof automotive ATO fuseholder, 15 Amp Fuse, stainless steel hardware and detailed installation instructions. Can be used for battery charging, heated clothing, portable music systems, bike-to-bike communicators, cell phones, radar detectors, GPS units.   Made in USA.

Item # PKT-043 USD $49.95
Luggage Electrix Kits and Cables

The Powerlet Luggage Electrix kits provide a convenient way to bring power into your tank bag where it can be used to power cell phones, music systems, heated clothing and other appliances.  The example system on the right shows one possibility for setting up the components .

  • 1 - external wiring brings 12V to the tank bag,
  • 2 - a Powermate Kit (PTB-001shown) provides the weather resistant connection point at the tank bag and
  • 3 - internal adapter cables provide power to your 12V appliances.

Take a look at the following Powerlet Powermate Kits and adapter cables to select a system which best meets your needs.

The PowerMate Kit - PTB-001
Includes everything shown in the picture to the left plus detailed installation instructions. Very easy to install. Made in USA. Patent Pending.


Item # PTB-001 USD $24.95
The PowerMate Kit - PTB-004
Includes everything in PTB-001 plus PAC-026 and PKT-001-48. Made in USA. Patent Pending.




Item # PTB-004 USD $59.95
The PowerMate Kit - PTB-006
Includes everything in PTB-001 plus PAC-009-18. Requires Powerlet
(BMW type) connector. Made in USA. Patent Pending.




Item # PTB-006 USD $39.95

Adapter Cables

SAE/Dual Cigar Outlet - PAC-030
Convert your SAE connector or Battery Tender pigtail into two Cigar sockets. Good for cell phones, radar detectors & GPS units. Approx 6" long.




Item # PAC-030 USD $22.95
Manufactured with a basic plug (PPL-001) and 18awg wire.  12 inch cord.




Item # PTB-008-12 USD $14.49

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