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Built-In Systems

Built-in radar protection systems have a number of features that differ from stand-alone detector based systems:
  • More discreet - Very little hardware is visible on the motorcycle, usually just a small control panel
  • More secure - Because the main system components are usually hidden behind body panels there is less chance of someone walking away with your valuable equipment
  • More Convenient - No radar detector to move from another vehicle to your bike when you want to go for a ride.  Built in systems are permanently installed, you just jump on your bike and go

However, built-in systems do come with some special requirements that the user must consider before undertaking an installation:

  • Space requirements - If you intend to hide the major components you need a bike of adequate size with some space behind/underneath the body panels.  Larger bikes with fairings in front of the handlebars are good candidates for mounting the remote antenna unit that is normally included with a built-n system.  A bike with internal fairing space similar to or larger than a Suzuki Hayabusa should have sufficient space for mounting these items
  • Longer Installation Time - If you intend to hide the major components it will require the removal of body panels or fairing.   You will also need to come up with a custom mounting for the antenna unit and a place to mount and weatherproof the interface module and display/controller.
  • If the cost of installation is included, built in systems may be more expensive than stand-alone detector based systems.

Built-in radar protection systems may not be a good installation project for beginners but they can be a rewarding addition to your motorcycle.


Passport 8500ci  

Introducing the Passport 8500ci, a fully integrated, high performance radar and laser detector system. It offers the convenience of built-in discreet security yet installs in dramatically less time and with fewer components than all other integrated detection systems.
Installation Time Significantly Reduced
Most custom installed systems require a significant investment in time for installation, up to 6 hours depending on the level of customization and vehicle type. The Passport 8500ci was designed to be installed quicker than any other custom installed radar detector unit on the market.
Extreme Radar Protection
The new Passport 8500ci radar detection system offers the award winning performance you have come to expect from Escort.
Weather Resistant Antenna/Receiver
The Passport 8500ci Antenna/Receiver unit is weather resistant.  The Display/Controller and Easy-Connect Interface require additional weather protection for use in motorcycle applications.
Laser Detection
The Antenna/Receiver needs a "view" of the road in order to detect laser signals.  If you intent to install the Antenna/Receiver so its view is obstructed (e.g., behind a opaque plastic fairing) the unit will not be able to detect laser.  You can gain back laser detection and add laser jamming capability by adding the optional shifter pack. 

The Passport 8500ci features:

  • Blistering all-band protection
  • Discreet installation to protect from theft
  • Fully integrated with the convenience of auto-on at vehicle start up
  • Advanced digital signal processing
  • Auto sensitivity mode automatically reduces false alarms
  • EZ preferences for customizing user settings
  • Compact Display/ Controller; 2 inches W x 1 inch H x  1/2 inch D
PASSPORT 8500ci Specifications (click here)
Add our Radar Screamer and Adapter Cable to your 8500ci system for helmet penetrating audio alerts.


Item # 8500ci USD $549.95
Add on a Laser Shifter Pack
Also available is the optional "Shifter Pack" for $249.95 which allows you to easily add Laser Shifting* technology to the 8500ci at any time. Simply plug in these shifters (front only) to the front radar receiver and increase your overall level of protection.  Laser shifters are weather resistant and plug into the 8500ci Antenna/Receiver unit using weather resistant cables and connectors.


Item # SPAC USD $249.95

Radar Screamer Adapter Cable for Passport 8500ci Radar Detector

This adapter cable allows the Radar Screamer RS2-P audio alert to work with the Passport 8500ci, 8500ci Plus and Qi-45 radar detectors. 

Item # 8500ci-CBL USD $19.95

Radar Screamer Audio Alert

Simply the best way to hear your motorcycle's radar detector warning without the need for uncomfortable earphones or the hassle of helmet wiring.  Works great even while wearing your earplugs!


  • Allows maximum freedom, nothing mounted on you or in your helmet
  • Immediate attention getting audio alert
  • Water resistant construction
  • No little batteries to wear out and leave you unprotected
  • Control volume and mute functions without removing your hands from the bars
  • Alert can also benefit your riding buddy if nearby
  • Now available with optional high intensity LED visual alert
  • 1 year warranty

Requires adapter cable when used with Passport 8500ci or Passport 8500ci Plus radar detectors.

Item # RS2-P USD $99.95

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