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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What components do I need to be able to use a radar detector while riding?

Answer:   There are 4 main components needed in a motorcycle radar system:
  1. A good radar detector, like the Escort, Beltronics and Adaptiv brands we carry on this website, is the starting point for your system.  You need all of the advance warning you can get so having a sensitive, stable detector is important.
  2. An audio or visual alert device is the second most important part of your system.  Without a good alert device you will not be able to reliably hear your detector warning signal over wind and engine noise.  This is especially true as speeds approach 60 mph.  Some may be tempted to forgo the alert system and experiment.   Usually these experiments show that the radar detector will be able to be heard just fine up until the day you get your first speeding ticket sad
  3. A solid radar detector mount that has been designed to fit your motorcycle.  The suction cup style mounts used for cars just don't hold up on bikes.  If you use a suction cup type mount on your bike you will find that suction cups eventually let go and your expensive detector is headed for a rough ride down the pavement.  See our mount selection tables to pick out the proper mount for your bike.
  4. A radar detector power cord suitable for wiring to your bike's battery or to a circuit that goes on and off with the ignition key.  Lets face it, there are not many bikes that come equipped with cigarette lighter size outlets so the cords provided with most detectors are better suited for use in your car.  Our direct wire cord solves this problem.  It is equipped with leads and fuse holder at one end while the other end has a plug that fits Escort, Beltronics or Valentine detectors.
If you are considering a complete radar protection system for your bike don't forget to check out our Super Savers.  Click here >>>>

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