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.....specializing in motorcycle radar protection and other fine accessories

Welcome to, your one stop shopping place for radar detection products for your motorcycle.  We carry the BEST Radar detectors coupled with the BEST audio/visual alert devices. We also offer quality radar detector/GPS mounts to fit your  motorcycle.  Our goal is to provide you uncompromised radar detector system performance at the best possible price.


Check out our super saver deals on complete radar systems.  

New Products

56.5 mm Euro Mount - Special for the Ducati Panigale

No doubt the Panigale is one hot motorcycle.  We are the first to offer the 56.5 mm Euro mount sized specially for the Panigale (does not fit S models). Only available at Silver only. $109.95



Protect Your iPhone on the Road

Now your motorcycle can have GPS navigation using your iPhone 4/4S.  Protect your iPhone 4/4S with our waterproof case and mounting solution.



Liveproof Case for Apple iPhone protects your iPhone from weather (click for info)   Techmount Moto Clip replaces Techmount top plate (click for info)   Lifeproof case and Techmount Moto Clip shown attached to Techmount Euro Mount* (*bike specific mount must be purchased separately, iPhone not included)

Radar Screamer Visual Alert Option

Please note: The Visual Alert Option must be used with the Radar Screamer (sold sepertely).

The Radar Screamer is well known for it's distinctive audio alert tones that notify the rider when his detector has picked up a radar signal. Now you can add a new visual alert option to your Radar Screamer that can be used by itself or in combination with the standard audio alert.  Details>>

  Item # RS-VA USD $34.95


Radar Screamer Adapter Cable for Adaptiv TPX

New adapter cable allows the Radar Screamer RS2-P audio alert to work with the Adaptiv TPX radar detector.   Details>>

Item # TPX-CBL USD $18.95

We are a factory authorized dealer for Adaptiv, Escort, Beltronics, Techmount, Black Robotics and Powerlet products so you can be assured that you are purchasing new goods that carry the full factory warranty.  


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